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FS: 24 razors, Wade & Butcher, Gillette, Schick, D.R. Harris, Fatboy, Slim, Dubl Duck

Ok, cleaning out the den to make room for some new additions! I there should be some great values in this bunch. Some are ready to go, others will need some work. I will combine shipping for multiple items, I'd rather keep things CONUS, but if you'll pay shipping, I will ship internationally. Thanks for looking!


I WILL BE AT WORK TODAY, I will answer all inquiries ASAP, but extra pictures with detail may need to wait until the evening.




1. Gillette Long Comb New: overall this razor is in good user grade condition, it has some plate loss on the teeth of the comb and head cap. It's a great shaver! $26 CONUS
2. Re-Plated Gillette Old Type: Re-plated in bright Nickel by the great plate master Krona Kruiser(no longer active). The razor is bright and shiny, shaves great. Only condition issue if you can call it that are two hairline cracks in the handle which is very common in this razor. $29 CONUS
3. Gillette Rhodium Plated Executive: this razor is impeccable condition, ultra shiny, the silo doors are virtually pristine, the TTO is the smoothest of any Gillette I've handled. The only condition issue on this razor are some very tiny spots of pitting on the handle just below the head. $110 CONUS
4. Gillette Aristocrat: this razor is mid range user grade, it has plate loss on the silo doors, safety bar and handle. $17 CONUS
5. Gillette Contract Tech W/ case: Made during the war, it has Triangle slots in the base plate. It is missing most of its original black enamel, but still provides a smooth efficient shave. $15 CONUS
6. E-3 Gillette Fatboy(1959 3-Q): this razor is in good user grade condition. Adjuster works great! It's plating is in good condition everywhere except a section on the handle just below the head and a few tiny spots on the knurling on the handle. $32 CONUS
7. I-1 Gillette Slim(1963 Q-1) the razor is in good User grade condition. Adjuster works great! The only visible condition is a small amount of pitting between the 7&9 on the adjuster. $23 CONUS
8. I-1 BROKEN Gillette Slim: razor has a stuck adjuster mechanism, someone more technical than myself could probably fix it. Only missing two spots of playing on the edges of the silo doors. $6 CONUS
9. F-1 Gillette Super Adjustable (1985 Q-1) this razor is in fair user grade condition. It shaves great, but is missing some enamel on the handle, no enamel in the adjuster numbers, and has a squeaky TTO. These issues can all be fixed with a little black enamel and some WD40. No plate loss on the silo doors. $16 CONUS
10. Cased Schick Krona: the razor is in great condition, everything works as it should. No pitting, deep scratches, discoloration. Great shaving razor! $25 CONUS

11. PAL Adjustable Stainless Steel SE Injector: razor is in great condition. Adjuster works perfectly. May have slight bubbling? Of finish on adjustment knob, cannot see it affecting functionality. $27.00 CONUS
12. Schick Adjustable: the razor is in great condition, comes with case. The adjuster works brilliantly. Very nice example. $27.00 CONUS
13. Schick Eversharp Hydro-Magic: user grade example needs a little gold polish and it's good to go. Blade release works great, shaves great. No major condition issues. $13 CONUS

14. Klas Törnblom 5/8: great looking Swedish Hollow Ground blade. It has some hone wear toward the heel, but should even put easily. The etching is still visible, there are some spots of rust and discoloration. The blade centers in the scales, scales are in good condition. $28 CONUS
15. Case Red Imp 132 Wedge 5/8: the scales have shrunk a little, and are slightly warped. Blade is slightly loose and needs peening. Some pitting on the blade and hone wear on the toe. $25 CONUS
16. Dubl Duck Satin Wedge 5/8: razor is in decent condition. Blade centers in the scales, scales are in good condition, there is some hone wear toward the toe. $28 CONUS


17. Wade & Butcher 6/8 Wedge: this is a project razor or a scale salvage operation. Doc226 attempted to hone this razor, but its geometry is off and couldn't get it to hone up properly. The scales are in great shape they say "Wade & Butchers Celebrated Razor" they have a few small nicks on the inside of the scales. Has a lead wedge. Condition issues aside $22 CONUS
18. W. Singleton Sheffield 6/8: I believe it is a half Hollow. Has some pitting, but is minimal. The blade closes slightly off center and is slightly loose at the pivot. The scales have a bug bites and a chip, still very functional, has a lead wedge. Shave ready by my standards. $40 CONUS
19. EERLESS, Jos. Alsberg & Sons St. Louis, MO GERMANY 6/8 Full Hollow: the razor is in great condition with some discoloration in spots. It was in shave ready when I last shaved with it a year ago. The blade centers well in the scales and the scales are in great shape. $28 CONUS
20. D.C. Halsted Faux Frame back Sheffield 13/16: the razor is on great shape, I did very little with it when I picked it up. The original horn scales have some bug bites around the edge of the scales, but overall are in good shape, has a lead wedge. The blade closes off center, pivot is slightly loose. Razor is shave ready to my standards. $52 CONUS
21. Wade & Butcher Faux Frame Back 13/16 Sheffield: the blade does have some pitting, none super deep. This will be an awesome restoration project for someone. The Scales and washers are in fair shape, one scale has a crack in it on the pivot end, lead wedge. $65 CONUS

22. Joseph Rodgers & Sons 7/8 Sheffield Hollow Ground: the blade is in great shape with no rust, just a little discoloration. The blade centers will in the replacement scales. This would be an awesome rescaled razor but would shave just fine as is, has a lead wedge. $60 CONUS
23. ERN Gong Razor 13/16 Germany: the blade has lots of patina and some pitting, it looks like the point was bumped into something, so the tip may need some profiling. Scales are in great shape, blade centers nicely. $26 CONUS
24. Wade & Butcher 4/8 Sheffield Smiling Wedge: the blade has some hone wear to the toe, has some shallow pitting, but overall looks great. The horn scales are badly bug bitten on one side near the wedge, this could be filled with epoxy our left as is. Has a lead wedge. $24 CONUS

25: Soap Lot: D.R. Harris Arlington 70%, Marlborough 90%, & Sudsy Soapery Twice Mint 80%. $42 CONUS
26. GEM BLADES Lot: 10 blue star & 10 Personna, $5 (I would prefer to throw these in on an order if possible)

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This is a textbook example of how to sell a bunch of razors: Organize your photos and descriptions, honestly point out any flaws, include the required B&B info, and set your prices reasonably. Well done, Matt.
This is a textbook example of how to sell a bunch of razors: Organize your photos and descriptions, honestly point out any flaws, include the required B&B info, and set your prices reasonably. Well done, Matt.

Thank you very much, I'm trying to make it worth wild! These are all razors I've found in the wild, I hope they will all go to a good home!

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Ok, price REDUCTION! I really want to sell off these razors to thin the herd.
ALL RAZORS $5.00 off!
Joseph Rodgers is now $10 off, so $50.
Wade & Butcher Faux Frame back is now $10, so $55.
Gem razors are free to the first guy that wants them as an add on.
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