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Fruity February

With the month of February at its end, so is the Fruity February shaving theme event for 2023. It's been fun, fantastic and fruity to say the least.

I want to thank personally thank...

@Beto Salatini

for your participation and everyone else that I may have missed. You all had some really great shaves. 👏

We'll definitely do this again next year so plan ahead. Until then, stay fruity and enjoy your shaves. 😉


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Another Other Other One Blade In Fruity February

Last night’s luxury shave
GEM Micromatic Open Comb
Personna GEM PTFE (5)
Damp washcloth aka “shave binky”
Simpson Wee Scot 13mm badger brush
Pre-shave: Glycerin soap face wash with AP ShaveCo Cashmere and a dollop of aloe vera
Lather: Wickhams 1912 Club Cola Soap, palm-lathered
Aftershave: Ulm Nom
Post-shave: hot shower

Closing out Fruity February and One Blade in February with last night’s shave. Blade levitated around my skin chopping whiskers away from its surface. When the angle was wrong, there was a very light tugging and there was only sound when the angle was right. If I didn’t have the tiniest itch under the right side of my jawline, I would claim a DFS result was achieved.

Many thanks to @Time Bandit and @Mike M for the fun month!
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