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Friday was a good day

I was sent to the glaucoma specialist a year ago with super elevated pressure in my left eye. Specialist said it was a most likely the early onset of glaucoma and the amount of pressure was very concerning.

Yesterday I went back. The pressure in both eyes is well within the normal range. He checked more than once. The images of my eyes had changed for the better too. He had no explanation and declared no glaucoma, but will recheck to make sure in 6 months.

I went to the State Department of Education to renew my teaching certificate and add another endorsement. I was expecting a hassle because the last time I renewed I had to go through the process twice because someone there could not read my transcripts right. I walked it through this time. As expected the guy behind the counter was grumpy but everything went through without a problem. I am legal to teach until 2030.

Sold our truck to carmax getting $2000 more than expected and $4000 more than people were offering when we tried to sell it privately.

We did not get home until 1:00am. It was a long day but 3 wins in one day was worth it.
What grade/subject do you teach, @natenaaron? I teach 6th and 7th grade science. There are a few other educators on B&B, but I can't remember their names.

Congrats on your good day!
There are usually good things in every day, if you are looking for them in all places great and small.
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