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Fresh vs Nancy Boy

In my continuing (and seemingly neverending) quest to find a facewash that is suitable for my skin I have tried a huge range of products recently, but to date have been unable to find anything that really excels, usually I end up with irritated skin or an increase in oiliness. I have recently come across two products, thanks largely to reading on this forum, that I think may be worth trying. They are (pretty obvious if you've read the title of the thread) Nancy Boy and Fresh facial cleansers.
Really, I just want to hear from people who've tried these products and get a general impression of what you think, especially if you have used both.
I understand that everyone's mileage may vary, but I would like to see just how highly these two products are rated before I take the plunge and purchase one.
Hello AJS,

I use the Nancy Boy Mild Facial Cleanser twice a day. I wash my face with it prior to shaving in the morning and then later in the evening in the shower.

It has a very pleasant, almost neutral scent and is indeed mild. You only need to use about a quarter-sized amount rubbed between your palms and then gently massaged on your face. It rinses off clean with no residue. A great product from the guys at Nancy Boy.

I think you will be pleased with it.

Plano TX
I really like the Nancy Boy face wash too. I just wish it was a little thicker. I always dispense too much because its pretty thin.
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