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French Gillette #66 Aristocrat set

Some of you may have seen me post this in the Score thread where I posted some late night photos that were not very good, but here some pictures I took on this overcast day. It is Mint condition:001_smile



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Nice one Scotty, can you take a picture of the instructions in French? I read part of them but I am curious to see what they are saying.
Nice one Scotty, can you take a picture of the instructions in French? I read part of them but I am curious to see what they are saying.
I'll see what I can do. I may just have to take a closeup pic if I can't get my scanner to work.
Nice score Scotty, absolutely stunning. :w00t:
Scotty I see your posts all the time, but I was wondering how do you do obtain such beautiful Art?


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Thanks Scotty.

Anyone interested, here's a quick translation, hope it makes sense has sometimes my brain translate it like google translator... I tried to keep it as close as possible (that would be the reason why it might not make any sense...). It's pretty much the same than any other instructions but thanks for sharing!

Picture 1 - Pour vous raser...
To perfectly shave yourself follow those advices:
1-Soap your face with warm water
2-Use a good shaving cream. Make abundant lather. The results will be even better if you leave the lather on your face for 2 minutes. If you prefer, use a cream without a brush.
3-Use a sharp blade (newer the blade, better the shave).
4-After opening the razor, rinse it with warm water and shake it to strain. Do not wipe the blade - you could alter the delicate sharpness

Picture 2 - Se raser devient...
Shaving become a pleasure with Gillette.

...thanks to your precision razor by Gillette and the extraordinary Gillette Bleue[Blue] Extra

Picture 3 - Le rasoir Gillette...
The Gillette razor in one piece
built with very high precision, has a high quality finish, the guarantee against rust and corrosion.

1-To open the razor, turn the dial at the bottom of the pole.
2-Using your thumb, push a blade from the dispenser and hook it on the central bar of the open razor, as displayed on the drawing.
3-Close the razor which is then ready to use.

Warning! The manifacturing tolerances from Gillette razors are in the order of centimetre of millimetre. [Don't get that one but it's how they wrote it]. Avoid shocks that could alter the precision and affect the smoothness of the shave.

Picture 4 - La nouvelle et extraordinaire...
The new and extraordinary Gillette Bleue extra blade.

Yes, extraordinary! No other word can describe the smooth and efficient cut obtained by a new manifacturing method. Now you can pay yourself the luxury of a quality shave, thank to a smooth blade, so perfectly sharpen that only one try will make you believe. And remember, buy your Gillette Bleue blades under their most practical presentation, a 10 blades dispenser. It will give you instantly a blade to use and has a compartment where your unserviceable blades won't be a risk to anyone.

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Golly, another one! Gorgeous.

I patiently await mine. Not quite as minty, but very nice nonetheless:

Hopefully here late next week.

Aristocrat fever hath struck here.

Shouldn't we have it right here?
It's the light in my eyes
It's perfection and grace
It's the smile on my face

To be continued, obviously.

- Barrett
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