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FREEBIES: (2) êShave AS samplers

*GONE!* Somebody's already claimed this.

I understand that members must have a 45 day membership & 50 post count to sell something (which I'm not doing), so if this is a violation anyway, I apologize.

But if this isn't a violation...

I have a couple small samples of êShave aftershave soothers, in Verbena Lime and White Tea. I used the Verbena Lime a couple times and decided that I'm just not an aftershave guy. This stuff smells great though, as does the White Tea variety which I never used.

For anyone who's unsure of my ethics in e-commerce, I have a 100% feedback rating on eBay, if that helps at all.

I'll mail this off to the first person within the continental 48 to PM me their mailing address, and off it goes. No money involved. If nobody wants these I'll just toss 'em, but that seems like such a waste.

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