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Free to a good home: Southern Witchcrafts Sampler Kit

Hey folks, I've got a Southern Witchcraft Sampler Kit that I'm willing to give away (I'd only ask that the taker pay actual shipping costs). I took out three samples I like, so it's got 7 samples of cream, aftershave, and I think matching eau de parfum too. If someone wants to try/smell a bunch of Stephen's work, here is your chance!
After smelling the stewing chemicals of a brand new badger brush blooming away in super heated water, smelling strong aroma's of Tabac soap, and then following that up with the super strong smoky scents of PAA Boomtown Bay Rum star jelly aftershave, I think my senses are quite tapped out.

But hey, if somebodies nose is ready for nostril senses overload, they should come see you for your sampler give away. Good luck!
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