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GIVEAWAY! Free stuff! (from a grateful member)

Wow! What a wonderful piece of shaving gear to PIF with.

I know first hand for cool of a dude and how generous you are. Under normal circumstances I would bow out. But that bowl is talking to me. Telling me it needs me. Lol. So, I'm gonna do it. I simply can't resist.

I'm in. 😉

Glad you're in. (#19)

I'll be closing this in about 4 hours, and let random.org do its magic. Good luck to all!
I noticed you just joined. Welcome! However, you should read post number one for the rules.
Thanks @Big_T

So here is the current list. I'm going to do a quick check of membership join dates for those I don't recognize.

@kaufdrop27 (1)
@StewB (2)
@mx482 (3)
@Latherati (4)
@Big_T (5)
@LuckyGlenn (6)
@rodrigaj (7)
@hugosf (8)
@jaro 101969 (9)
@alohatrooper (10)
@lgeorge1987 (11)
@Major Overkill (12)
@mikhou (13)
@AndyPanda (14)
@sidpost (15)
@schwaggy (16)
@Sam Hanwich (17)
@Dnallehekaj (18)
@Time Bandit (19)
I'm In .. If thats okay. I am a bowl latherer mainly and that bowl looks Fantastic!! And that brush would be Awesome I have never had one like that !! And that soap I would Love to try that soap as I Never have tried that brand before !!! I would LOVE to get this and am thankful for the opportunity to have a chance in your PIF , if you allow it !!
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