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GIVEAWAY! Free stuff! (from a grateful member)

It's snowing like mad outside and I'm bored, so now I'm going to bore you with a story:

There was a guy in Michigan who shaved with many different tools, including electric, for 50 years and never enjoyed it or got a really great shave until he found TWS, with a DE razor and a brush, one year ago.

He bought a un-branded Chinese TTO at a CVS pharmacy along with a tube of Creamo and had a shave. It was better than he expected, but not great, so he went to the internet to do research, and landed here at B&B.

He learned a lot (and spent a lot) but has benefitted tremendously from the kind folks that are part of the B&B family.

So, on my (about) one-year anniversary, I want to say:

Thank you. 🙂👍

Along the way, I picked up a Captain's Choice Aquamarine bowl and it has served me very well but there is a problem with it: I don't use it any more. I've found that I much prefer face lathering, and my lovely bowl is collecting dust in the bathroom vanity.

So, without further ado (or more nonsense from me): I will be giving this away, by selecting one member with a random number generator.

Just say "I'm in".

Included with the bowl is a Maggard Timberwolf synthetic brush and a puck of Trumper Rose soap that has been scraped once and brushed twice.

I only ask that you have been a member since at least January of this year (no drive-bys) and I always feel like a turd when I post this part: US shipping only, sorry.

This will remain open until Sunday evening (around 6PM EST), and I will announce "winner" soon after.

Very very generous PIF my man. Respectfully, not in.

I'm watching the snow as well! Quite the storm!

I'm trying to stay ahead of it and have shoveled my driveway four times since it started. I only got half way on my last time out before I was gassed. It's good exercise, but I fear I'm getting old. 🙂

We're supposed to get a total between 6-12 inches. Probably got 6 already.
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