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Free soap - gifting a set of four soaps from 4 test batches

Today I made trial batches 19-21 of my new shaving soap base journey. These bases are very different from previous bases, and I haven't tried them myself yet, so they might be terrible :)

I'm going to be posting this to several forums, and am offering each forum I post to a PIF of one of each of the 4 bases. They are all scented with a horrible cheap pipe tobacco fragrance oil I've had on the shelf for a couple of years, so the scent WILL NOT BE NICE - just warning you.

If you are an experienced shaver, and interested in trying a set of 4 different bases in the 2 weeks after you receive the package, and are willing to give me feedback as to your preference of the 4 after you've used all of them, comment below and I'll shoot a set over to one of you at random. I'll DM you for your address.

Please note, this base is very very different than my other base - for instance, it has a super high percentage of lanolin, whereas my old base is lanolin-free.
test batch 19-22.jpg
I have evaluated over 60 different soap bases and have a system for doing so. Some of my reviews have been posted on this forum if you want to see what I look for in a soap. If you are interested in my participating in your testing, send me a PM and I will provide you with my mailing address. I usually want to try each soap at least twice before providing feedback, so I should be able to evaluate four in a two week period.
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