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FREE samples for your feedback

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That is right, we are looking for volunteers to evaluate our prototype tropical aftershave scents. Scents? Did I say scents, as in plural? Yes, indeed! There are two different scents for you to give us feedback on. Each comes in a small vial either labeled "A" or "B".

For those of you who have helped in other evaluations - please join right in, you are just the volunteer we are looking for! There will be one scent ultimately released and we need to see which of these samples is the most popular. I have twelve sample packs put together, each with two vials included along with a few questions.

Please come back to this thread to share what you think about the preliminary formulations.

To receive a free packet simply post here and say, "I'm in."

We will let it run a few days and then either send a packet to each one or we will have a random drawing to select the dozen winners.

"Now, where is my suntan lotion and flip flops..."

~ The Captain
I'm in

Well Gents, time is UP!

Random.org has selected our winners. With the number of entries you had about a 50/50 chance of being selected.

If your name was chosen here is what you do:

1. Send The Captain your mailing address. You can PM it to him here on B&B.

2. Your free sample vials will be shipped as soon as we have your address.

3. Give them both a try and then come back to this thread and tell us all what you think.

The winners are:

@Jan Sobieski, @AZBronco, @CzechCzar, @MilkCrate, @MikeyS, @xuzxuz, @Lefonque, @gvw755, @Gobucks01, @Sukeroku, @Acmemfg, @brettimby

Congratulations to those selected!

Tune in here to see what they think about our new tropical offering and then watch for its release in the near future!

~ The Captain
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