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Free samples - feedback sought

Here is a copy / paste of an email I received. We have these sample vials out with other volunteers and are collecting feedback. I thought this evaluation quite thorough:

Ok, here’s my take on the scents.

Upon receiving the two vials (marked “A” and “B”), shaking them well, and removing the cap...I thought “A” was much smoother, sweeter.

The vial marked “B” was sharper. It had more of a natural scent, which I personally liked better.

But we know aftershaves and colognes will be absorbed by the skin, mix with our own individual body smells, and eventually leave a scent unique to every person.

So my next step was to place some of vial “A” on the back of my left hand, and left arm.

Then I placed some of vial “B” on the back of my right hand, and right arm.

I waited a minute or two to let the two fragrances absorb into my skin and dry.

I noticed again that vial “A” was softer. Much smoother and sweeter than the other. It was also a stronger-smelling scent as well. (I could smell it from farther away). Maybe it’s me, but I kept thinking “vanilla”. In my minds-eye I could not picture a natural outdoorsy scent, as much as a soft, sweet, vanilla-ish scent.

Vial “B” on the other hand was a crisper, more natural scent. It smelled more like nature. A fresh, green, fashiony, scent.

Time-wise, vial “A” seemed to last longer. The sweet vanilla scent lingered much longer than vial “B”. After waiting a bit longer, the sweet smell died down a bit, and the natural “green scents“ came out a bit more.

I still prefer vial “B” over the other. I liked the sharper, crisper, more natural “green scent”. It had an aura of artisanal quality.

Wifey agreed. She also mentioned detecting a soft vanilla-like scent in the background of vial “A”.

Both were great scents. And I’m sure it is relative to each individual user. But me and the wifey are both siding with vial “B”.
Thanks, Captain!
I have enjoyed the trial and have learned much in the process.
I have tried both samples twice.
After smelling both samples I liked sample A but looked forward to sample B after reading the reviews. However, after wearing both my choice is sample A.

Do I like it?
So did my wife and two women at work commented on it.

Strength of Scent?
This is one of my revelations.
While I was attracted to the stronger Sample B, Sample A generated compliments and was more comfortable to wear.
I discovered that I don't really prefer stronger scents.
A comfortable pleasant scent is just fine.
If someone notices, so much the better, but it's not why I wear it.

Does it last?
It generated two compliments after I had forgotten about wearing it.
The strength is fine.

Would I buy it?
Yes I want to try the new product.
Generally I prefer woody and spicy scents, but Venture surprised me and I like Venture.
The Fougere isn't as surprising, but it is a learning experience for which I'm grateful.
We got this question regarding Land Ho! in another thread and I wanted to have it available here as well:

Mick said:
Let me apologize if you mentioned it somewhere else and I missed it.

Which of the 2 scents was chosen?
Has not been mentioned before so I'm glad you asked. We had this out with over two dozen volunteers, some here, some on our Facebook, some relatives/neighbors. It was very nearly a tie, 15-13 in favor of "B." I actually spent a lot of time rereading each review and it was clear that although "B" won out that in the case of both versions there were volunteers who were very enthusiastic about the one they chose. So "A" had some real vocal fans.

That caused me to reflect back on our first aftershave, Bay Rum. It was very well received right off the bat. It has been our top seller for ten years running now. But I kept getting emails from guys who would ask if I could tweak it to give it some more burn. After a year of that I knew I didn't want to alter a winning formula - maybe I would develop a second formula with more burn to it. Thus, Cat O' Nine Tails was created. And from the day it was released it has been our number two seller.

Which brings me to Land Ho! The formula for Land Ho! is the "B" version, that was the winner and it happens to be my favorite as well. The news gets better. The "A" version will be available in Land Ho! as well. Here is how it will be done. The "A" version will have the same label but a sticker will be put onto the label indicating "RESERVE." That version will only be available directly from Captain's Choice, not any retailers and will sell for the same price.