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Free Rhodium-plated Toggle

I do this all the time. Whether its something related to shaving or something else for one of my many hobbies.

I loathe eating at restaurants. Hate it. Nothing against the people who work there, they work very hard, but I cannot justify spending the amount of money a typical meal costs per person ($20 - $30+ depending on where you go) knowing that money will .. ahem .. be flushed in the next 24 hours with nothing tangible to show for it.

My wife is the exact opposite, she likes the experience of going somewhere she has never been to and trying new things. That's great - but its not me. Over the years we have come to an agreement that it's ok if I just get a small salad or a bowl of soup as long as I do not act all angry about the prices and ruin the experience for her ... :001_tongu.

I then use the money I would have spent on say a steak dinner, to buy a new chisel for my lathe or a sack of grain for brewing. I'm happy, she is happy and we both enjoy ourselves but not at the same time .. uh .. that didn't come out right, but I assume you get what I mean. :biggrin1:
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Pics or it didn't happen.
I bought my toggle about 6 months ago, and I'm still smitten by it. Post toggle i acquired an executive, 34 aristocrat, no. 15, 66, 77, 88 aristocrats and many other "wow" razors in a large lot... it's still the toggle ogle over the most...
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