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GIVEAWAY! Free Razor Blades - March Newbie Blade PIF

Welcome new members!! Want some free razor blades?

I will be picking a new member to PIF (Pay It Forward) a double edge razor blade sample pack.

For this PIF the rules are simple - Just post in this thread "I'm in".

This PIF is open to all new members that have registered on B & B since July 1, 2022. New members worldwide are eligible.

The winner will receive a selection of 20 different blades from B & B’s very own
Great Blade Exchange

I'll pick a winner in a week, or so.
Good luck!

If you have blades you would like to donate to the Great Blade Exchange, please PM me.


On the lookout for a purse
Respectfully not in but nice of you to keep doing this. It’s part of what makes this place great!
I'm in.

Awesome initiative, would love to try out some different blades other than the chinese no-name blades I currently have from the no-name razor kit I purchased as a gateway into this awesome community! :001_302:
I'd like to say:"wow, that is an awsome pif, you'd be making someone very happy !".
I'll skip because I'm waiting on my blade order from where I can choose my top tier blade.
Nevertheless, awsome
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