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Welcome new members!! Want some free razor blades?

I will be picking a new member to PIF (Pay It Forward) a double edge razor blade sample pack.

For this PIF the rules are simple - Just post in this thread "I'm in".

This PIF is open to all new members that have registered on B & B since July 1, 2021. New members worldwide are eligible.

The winner will receive a selection of 20 different blades from the list here:
The Great Blade Exchange v2

I'll pick a winner in 7 - 10 days.
Good luck!

If you have blades you would like to donate for the Great Blade Exchange, please PM me.


"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
But you're new to the newbies! And you were a newbie once. Therefore, by the power vested in me (which ain't much), I bestow upon you the honorary title of Newbie Emeritus! Tell your local coffee shop you have that title & they'll only charge you $5 for a cup of coffee. Pretty special don't ya think?
Brother, once again, you are too kind!

I'll just drink home-brew, gotta save my pennies: I'm dreaming up an AS pif......hey... remind me tomorrow I wanna get in touch with you....
We had quite a few entries this month, so let's give away two 20 packs of blades!


You fine gentlemen are the two winners of this month's pif! Please send me a PM with your mailing information & I'll get your free razor blades packaged & mailed off to you.

And thank you to everyone that entered. Please stay tuned, another razor blade pif will be coming in March.

If anyone would like to donate blades to the Great Blade Exchange, please PM me for details.
Congrats to StewB & BSawhill!! 👏🏼🎉
Breen, thank you for your gentlemanly reply congratulating the winners. You are a member for only a month yet you demonstrate one of the essential elements of why B & B is such a wonderful forum... the art of courtesy.

Therefore, please send me a PM with your mailing information & you will receive a selection of 20 razor blades from the Great Blade Exchange. Well done, sir!
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