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Free Gillette ProGlide Offer

I tried to enter the contest but it says:
Unfortunately, while you were entering the Fusion ProGlide Challenge™, our last FREE Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide was given away. Sorry about that. Everybody must really want one! You can still purchase your Fusion® ProGlide in most stores on June 6.

Anyway i won't go buy it.
Strange.. I just did it..

Your exclusive Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™ razor should be in your hands in about 8 to 9 business days.
It's only open to residents of the USA and Canada, oh no I am so disappointed. I was going to throw away all of my DE blades and my Muhle in favour of this.

Can you detect a hint of sarcasm here.:biggrin1:
Can't seem to get in as a first timer without a PIN.
It mentions having to go to Facebook to get one,
still couldn't get one. Anyone else having this problem?
If you go to the "can't get in?" section, and click on the youtube llink. You can enter that way. I just did it and they tell me I have one on the way.

While I strongly doubt the new Fusion is better than DE/SE/straight shaving, I'm not going to bother to find out. I tried the Fusion for free and was mostly unimpressed -- and the cartridge prices are insane. No regrets leaving that behind.
I'm surprised you guys are interested in this. Is there some reason. Has Gilette finally done something worthy of your approval?

What is the difference? No way this is better than my Winchester. No way!
This offer isn't applicable to residents of Maine! What is up with that? I know many people don't realize that Maine is actutally part of the USA, but Gillette should know better!
Thanks for the link; I haven't tried a multi blade razor in a few years since going to DE, so I want to try this out just to see how it goes now that I have loads more knowledge; and well it's free...

I jumped into the pool.

This marks my official foray into the world of carts with more than two blades. Kind of a shame to break that proud tradition, but I'm getting it because of the "trimmer" blade on the top for the pesky area under my nose.
Finally i figured out how to enter the contest and they will send me a razor, it will be here in about 8-9 days.
Having tried the Schick Hydro and really got disappointed at the end of the line of the messy goey lube strip i hope the Proglide won't be the same deal.
You guys must have generated a run on the site. Tried three times. I get to the point where I fill in the information, but it times out when I try to submit it. Oh well. I'm a sucker for free stuff, but I won't buy one.
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