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Free - did you say Free?

We are looking to clear out the store so here is a great offer. Buy this razor and brush stand, normally $21.95 and on sale for just $11.95.


When you order one brush stand we will toss in a free razor. It will be one of these:


With each purchase we will also throw in one free tuck of blades:


More product info right here: All Products — Captain's Choice

For $11.95 plus shipping you get the brush stand, a free razor, a free tuck of blades, and some free samples from us. Come and get it!

Bonus is that The Captain is known to toss in some free samples with each purchase. This is like Christmas in February! Supplies are limited and once they are gone that is it.


wow! That is a real temptation. I've wanted to try one of the captain's razors for a while. That is a remarkable deal.
Well, I just submitted the order. Figured if you're kind enough to offer, I should be good enough to buy ;p Would really prefer that 2 piece classic if given a choice :) Thanks!
This is truly a great deal, plus some day ago I was looking for some razor/brush stand, tempting for sure. Considering that I`m on another side of the "pond" shipping is ruining the game so I`m out... Anyhow its a great deal for USA based customers.


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
That is a great deal.
I have nothing but good things to say about the Captain!!
I got to say thanks to Captain's Choice! my box showed up today, super quick shipping, packaged extraordinarily well, and this generous offer was inside. Really made my weekend, man. Thanks! I'm stoked to try that Venture soap, smells fantastic :)
I just put my order in. A very generous offer, thank you very much!

There was a sample of Venture in my last Bay Rum order, so I added some Venture cream and after shave as well.

Thanks Again!
Got a package today.....:001_302:

Got the heavier, sculpted handle razor along with Lime AS simple and Venture soap sample...2 scents I've been interested in.

Not familiar with the included blades, but will be trying one in the new razor in the morning, followed by Bay Rum.

Thanks, Cap!