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    I have 3 pair of very good condition Allen Edmond shoes size 10.5 D for the first taker. Pick up in northern Virginia only please. (Leesburg area). Pembroke bourbon, Maxfield two tone brown, penny loafer brown. I am downsizing and keeping only two other pairs for the infrequent dress up events. There shoes retailed in the $250+ range when new and have significant life left. It would be great to see these go to a younger man who appreciates fine foot ware but may not have the resources available to purchase AE shoes.
  1. Fantastic PIF! someone will be able to try some incredible shoes.

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  2. Very generous of you! I hope they find a good home.
  3. ajkel64

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    Great PIF, someone will be very happy.
  4. Great gesture. Very nice PIF.
  5. great PIF keep us posted.
  6. Another incredibly generous AE pif. Well done, sir.
  7. I never even knew he was in prison!
  8. I'm 10.5D.
    Are they gone??
  9. They are still available. You can be the lucky one. Message me for details.
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  10. I thought it was funny!
  11. So did I mate!
  12. Still available if you are interested.

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