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Frederick Malle and Le Labo frags now available in-store in Houston


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I posted this in the city shopping guide thread, but wanted to make sure folks here are aware that Saks 5th Avenue in the Houston Galleria now carries the full line of both the Frederick Malle and the Le Labo fragrances.

Frederick Malle visits locations personally to determine if he wants to sell his products in that location. I knew he had visited Kuhl-Linscomb last year for that purpose, and chose not to sell there, but was not aware that he had selected the Saks location instead.

The Le Labo counter is pretty cool. Each frag is hand mixed when you "order" a bottle. They have sample bottles on display that you can spray on tester paper, and ingredient bottles, but no full bottles for sale are pre-made. They measure each of the ingredients as they mix them together. And as you know, each scent has a number which indicates the number of notes in the "recipe" that go with the named note. So, for example, when you purchase a bottle of Le Labo Vetiver 46, they mix the 46 ingredients together from the ingredient bottles to make your bottle. I haven't watched them mix one up yet, but I'm sure I will.


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I had my Rose 31 mixed for me in their NYC store. Im in Austin this week and may call Saks and see if they have anything set up here
If you order online from Le Labo, they mix it for you as well. The label is then printed with your name on it. It's pretty cool!

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I watched them do it at their counter at Isetan department store in Tokyo last summer. It was pretty cool.

My daughter reminded me that Anthropologie is also selling a line of fragrances made for them by Le Labo.
Hmmm I must find a sax fifth avenue and see this wonder of scented goodness, I know where a sax outlet is, I wonder if they do anything similar there.
Hmmm I must find a sax fifth avenue and see this wonder of scented goodness, I know where a sax outlet is, I wonder if they do anything similar there.
Well call first. Which stores carry what is negotiated market by market and even territorily within a given city. Out here Malle and Le Labo are exclusive to Barney's. A lot of the high end niche scents (Creed, Malle, Lutens, Le Labo, Tom Ford) make different deals in every city as far as I can tell.


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Le Labo frags are mixed from a premade concentrate which the 'lab techs' then mix with alcohol and water ...then label. They're not mixing each of the 24 raw components in Patchouli 24 on the spot.

It is an interesting method, one that brings the consumer one step closer to the process. I saw one of the Labs in Paris, while it was impressive, you don't get to request more vetiver in the Vetiver 46.


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That makes more sense, Josh. I was very curious about an SA carefully mixing that many ingredients. I'm still looking forward to seeing them mix a batch, and will post pics, assuming they allow it.
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