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I was given a weird razor today... as I only have a camera on my phone will not try to get a pic.. It has the head of a tech.. but the bottom piece looks like alum. with the normal Gillette stamps on it. there is a S beside where the post goes through for the handle to screw on. The top piece is brass I think. not in real good shape but cleaned up ok... The handle is a weird octaganal thingie.. probably spelled that wrong but you get the ideal... Was there ever a tech built with that kinda handle?? or is this thing made from 3 razors?? I put a blade in it and checked it against my fat handle tech.. other then the colors the shape and all is identical.

Back when I didn't know much about which razors were which, I got a razor off the bay that had a Gillette New head and a handles shaped like you describe. this handle had some kind of pattern on it that resembled like jets (planes) on the handle. I am thinking it is a old merkur handle as I have seen some look similar. The handle sits crooked on the baseplate.
This one fits very well..I will have to get a pic of it. and it is smooth.. if it were not for the different color top piece it would look like a plain travel type razor.. but the handle is what I would call regular length.

Thanks for the input. I am actually going to try to shave with it in a few days I think.

I have no idea what the handle is. Here is a 1904 style merkur. this is almost the same handle as the one I was talking about for anyone interested. Mine has a little bit different objects on the handle. The handle is Hexagonal
Fuzzy, I have a 1918 old style marked "Property U.S. Army" that has a handle that looks just like the one on your razor. This handle is made of aluminum. Is yours aluminum?

I've always wondered if someone made this razor out of mis-matched parts or if, perhaps, this handle was a war-time expedient and the razor may be legitimate.

I got the razor in a "grab-bag" of twelve or fifteen misc. razors for a few bucks on Ebay. I doubt the seller would have known any more about it than I do. He indicated it was one of those "cigar boxes full of old razors" that he picked up at an estate auction.

it is alum.. I was thinking military handle and bottom plate and a found tech top... maybe

I just happened to see a razor on ebay with the same handle that I was talking about.

Mine had a gillette new head on it when I got it and the handle has no red on it.
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