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Frameable picture of King C. Gillette


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
I would like to find a picture of King C. Gillette with his signature like on the Blue Blade advertisement that is suitable for framing. Although there are many pics on line, none seem suitable for the aforementioned purpose. Any ideas?
As long as the image is not copyrighted, a professional printing shop should be able to blow-up an image to your desired size, while keeping the resolution crystal clear.


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
I would assume that the picture from the Blue Blade ads of old are copyrighted.
Most smaller print shops will still work with you as long as you're only ordering like 1 or 2. If you ask for a run of hundreds, they'll say no.
I am no copyright lawyer, but I would assume the copyrights would run out at one point or another. Maybe someone who is a bit more knowledgeable than I am will reply.

Worst case scenario, you may have to hunt one down on eBay or at an antique store. I am sure they exist. Good luck with your search.
this one? what size were you looking for?

Any copyright filed prior to 1923 is now public domain. Any copyright filed between 1923 and 1963 might be in the public domain - it depends whether or not they have been refiled.
Yes, that one. But how do I get a frameable copy?

Take a good image copy that has good resolution like this:


Go to a printing shop like Kinkos and ask them to call up this page, take the image and reproduce it in whatever size you wish.

Good fortune.
I would assume that the picture from the Blue Blade ads of old are copyrighted.

Because this is their advertising image, it is trademarked.
BUT, a), you are not using it for commercial gains (i.e. you are not selling it), b) I believe trademarks last 10 years and are renewable, are they keeping this alive(?), c) Gillette doesn't care what one person does for their personal use as long as they are not trying to profit or steal from them.

SO, that being said, go to google images, find the largest, best picture you can find. Open it up, right click on it, select "save image as..." and then perhaps try to resize it and print it.

Or, buy this for $700. :w00t::lol:
I could not find either of those pictures with enough resolution to get it looking decent at 8x10. if it's one time shot take a link to the best image you can find to Kinko's and I'm sure they can produce a decent 8x10. Also, be sure to get the actual file they used to print your picture.
Even Coca-Cola?

"Coca-Cola" is a trademark. Copyrights and trademarks are two different things.

If you were to use the Coca-Cola (or, in this case Gillette) name, which is an active trademark used by a current company, to sell a related or similar product, you would be in violation of their trademark.

Ads and anything else published and copyrighted prior to 1923 and not re-copyrighted are not protected by copyright laws because they are now part of the public domain.
Individual blades came in packs, and those came in bigger boxes. They will have much better resolution than the individual blade wrappers. Also, magazine ads, they will be much closer to 8 x 10. Books, like "The human drift By King Camp Gillette" or biographies will have pictures. The guy liked his face to be seen. 100 years later it still is out there.


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
Thanks, that worked great. I also printed the blue blade ad as well. I did them both on 4x6 photo paper. The Blue was a much grainier image though. I'll probably combine them both with other items, blade wrappers or what ever.
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