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    I have been running the gauntlet trying different colognes for the past week and a half.
    Samples are really different these days. Gone are the dip-sticks, replaced by little spray testers.
    Calvin Klein Eternity Air, Chanel Allure Sport, Bleu de Chanel, D&G Light Blue, Gucci Guilty Black, Hugo Boss The Scent, Mont Blanc Legend Night, and Tom Ford Ombre Leather.

    I can decant 5ml/0.17oz of Aventus for $37, but wonder if that is even smart. That's 2x what it would cost per/oz if I bought the entire bottle(which I won't). The only way I could hit a decent price point to pull that off is to buy 1000ml and split it between 10-15 people. And how many people in East Texas would be game to do that?

    How did you decide on a new scent?
  2. For fragrances I’ll start by smelling it at the counter or what have you, but I have wear them for a day before I’ll buy, otherwise I just don’t get a proper sense of how it works for me. That means samples; it would be ludicrous otherwise to buy larger sizes and try to re-sell if I don’t jive with them.
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    The ones I listed are the samples I have and have been trying. I agree with you, they must be worn to assess the dry-down scent and how it interacts with your pH & body chemistry. Just because they smell one way at the counter doesn't mean it will smell like that later. It might fade too fast or take on a totally different composition.
    After reading threads and posts about how folks had to ditch a shaving cream/soap because it irritates their skin, that has become an additional factor for me.
    I think before I buy a bottle, I'll check and see if anyone has a bottle that isn't getting the love it deserves and maybe we can workout a way for them to find out a new home.
    Right now Bleu de Chanel, MB Legend Night, and TF Ombre Leather are all at the front. Teh Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein don't look like they will make the cut.
  4. Basenotes is a pretty good source for decants at a fair price. If you do Facebook there are plenty of FB frag groups that can be a good source too. Also keep an eye on as they sometimes have killer sale prices on Creed scents.
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    After smelling the Club du Nuit Intense Man and Man clones by Armaf, I added a couple of extra samplers today. Y by YSL and Sauvage by Dior. I did also add a sampler of Ombre Leather by Tom Ford while Mrs. Rev579 was looking at the J'adore and Joy scents. An overall win.
  6. Very nice choices! Have you attempted Terry D’Hermes or Rive Gauche yet?
  7. I get in on splits from some reputable splitters found on Redit. It's a great way to sample new fragrances at a very affordable price while not having to commit to a full bottle.
  8. Hi guys! My first post here on Badger and Blade, and maybe someone could help me on this one.
    I just got as a present from my relatives in UK and it is a Vintage Floris original gentlemen's cologne 30 ml splash. Any info about it? I like old school scents, but this is not my thing.
    Kind regards
  9. Welcome Vlada!

    Do you have any more identification information? A photo of the packaging or any manufacturer dates?
  10. Hi! Here is the photo
  11. Even though samples/decants are expensive, calculated at $$ per ml, it's still a go way to go in the long run.
    It opens your scent palette up to a world of fragrances that visiting stores or blind buying bottles would never do, economically.
    Another great method I've used is reading reviews on fragrantica and base notes. Everyone's tastes are different.
    But I read reviews of fragrances that I know well and find reviewers that share the same or very similar opinions.
    Once I've found a few reviewers that share my tastes, I read what they've said about fragrances I haven't smelled.
  12. Man, I have no personal experience with that one.

    Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much about it. The only info I could find is that it’s a citrusy cologne and is liked by some, but isn’t super long lasting.
  13. Hi REV,

    Glad to see you also have an interest in Fragrances. I am a long time member of Basenotes (2003).
    You might want to check out these links :

    Perfume Samples, Perfume Decants, Indie Perfumes, Scents and Vintage Perfumes

    Scent Split - Niche Perfume Samples & Fragrance Decanting Service

    Luckyscent: the best selection of niche perfumes, fragrances and candles anywhere.

    Perfume Decants and Perfume Samples (Surrender to chance)

    My current TOP TWELVE Fragrances :
    Santa Maria Novella ACQUA DI CUBA
    Christian Dior EAU SAUVAGE (2012)
    50 ml Marlou d'ambiguite
    Caron YATAGAN
    L'Occitine Eau de Baux
    Santa Maria Novella NOSTALGIA
    L'Artisan DZING!
    Maitre Parfumer Ganiter PARFUM D'HABIT
    Serge Lutens CHERGUI
    Guerlain SHALIMAR
    Lorenzo Villoresi PIPER NIGRUM

    I could list 100 Fragrances! This is but the tip of the Iceberg.
    TOP samples I've tried (not yet own) :
    Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan (God, how I LOVE MKK)
    Masque Milano MONTECRISTO
    Bogue MAAI
    Diptyque OUD PALAO
    Knize TEN
    Rania J. OUD ASSAM
    Boadicea the Victorious COMPLEX
    Imaginary Authors BULLS BLOOD
    Etat Libre d' Orange (ELd'O) RIEN INTENSE
    Mancera RED TOBACCO
    Serge Lutens CHENE
    Etat Libre d'Orange CHEROGNE
    Mazzolari LUI
    Etat Libre d'Orange MARQUIS DE SADE
    Zoologist BAT

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  15. Hi REV,

    The "View attachment" won't allow me to open. I want to see what you found!

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    B5BF9328-C614-4FE8-BCD3-528495AE8BC3.jpeg 880E1E58-5693-4CD2-BA20-566D403EE89D.jpeg 17450D61-D957-4209-97F5-6D4582CA981F.jpeg 034F34B0-D11C-4138-B457-7AE399405DF7.jpeg ACE613B3-1C21-42AA-9F53-14EB28B56F2C.jpeg
  17. Hi REV,

    Ah ha! Guerlain (refillable) Shalimar. Nice! The photograph you provided shows a circa 1968 Bottle/dispenser !

    The one I purchased is a circa 1981 (or there abouts) : [​IMG]

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    The middle piece is supposed to function as a funnel, but I am not sure how that could possibly work with the cap being crimped.

    Thanks, I had no real idea of it background. I had interest in the function of the container.

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