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Fragrance Split - Idole de Lubin - in the Vendors Forum


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Archerfire, one of our vendors, has kicked off another fragrance split, this time for Lubin Idole de Lubin EdP. Again, although he is following the same format as for a Group Buy, because he is a vendor, he is posting this in the Vendor Forum at the thread below: Group Buy/Split: Idole de Lubin Eau de ParfumThannks Randy! :thumbup1:
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Fendors forum? We talking guitars or cars?? :lol:
Ha! Thanks Brad. We could talk about guitars, I'd kick it off with my Fender Strat. But this is the Fragrance forum, not the Barber Shop. :laugh:

I corrected the title on my OP, thinking folks might not have understood, but I see in the split thread they are already on the second bottle, so apparently folks understood. Looks like the Lubin Idole EdP is a popular split choice. :thumbup1:
Lubin Idole in EdT or EdP, either one is a great choice! Olivia Giacobetti really nailed it: a woody boozy oriental fougere that'll knock your socks off!
Just got my decant toda. This stuff is POTENT! I dabbed one drop on the back of my hand to get a sense of what it smelled like and it filled my car. Its 4 hours later and that one drop makes me smell like I sprayed perfume all over myself.
I think this decant will last me the rest of my life...

I like the scent a lot. It smells like an old fashioned, my favorite drink!! :)
Mine came in as well. Very complex and evolving. At first it was harsh and feminine, but it smoothed out into a very nice, boozy(rum), sweet(sugar cane), that moves into spicy incense, leather. Nice to wear on a cool day. Thanks for the split, well done Randy!
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