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  1. creed-water.jpg
  2. Guerlain Habit Rouge EdP
  3. Yep, picked it up on Basenotes a while back. I love this stuff and so does my GF. If I find another bottle at the right price point, I'll grab it for a backup.
  4. Roger that. I think that King Kouros might be one of the most polarizing scents ever. My memory of it from back in the day are hazy, but I recall not liking it then. Fast forward to now, and while in an airport duty free, I checked it out and ended up buying a bottle of the current formulation. It seems nice in my limited sampling (too hot down here right now to give a full wearing), and must have been changed significantly in that it lacks the animalic characteristic that its known for. I do, however, have a sample of Kouros Fraicheur, and it has noticeable civet.
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    Nautica Classic.
  6. YSL L’Homme
  7. Creed Silver Mountain Water
  8. Fragrances of Ireland Patrick
  9. PDP #63
  10. Azzaro Chrome Pure
  11. [​IMG]
  12. 9/9/19
    Davidoff Cool Water

    Dolce & Gabbana The One
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    Calvin Klein Euphoria.
  14. Dunhill Icon
  15. Stirling Barbershop EDT
  16. Marco

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    T&H 1805.
  17. Versace pour Homme

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