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Dear Trey, this is a timeless classic that my father used to wear frequently when he was in his 50s and 60s. Nowadays, he rarely puts on any fragrance, but when he does he happily goes back to this trusted cologne.

Thank you for bringing a huge smile onto my face this morning, my friend. :001_smile
I loved hearing this, Marco. Your father, like you, is man of excellent taste. Have a great weekend, my friend!
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Dunhill Amalfi Citrus. Mouth watering citrus and tea followed by a creamy, soapy, citrus and woody vetiver finish... I think... in either case, I needed some springtime this morning. Long winter, this.
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As the ancient saying goes: “when the winter starts feeling long before January’s done, hoooooboy” ;)

I have Agar Wood from that same “series” from Dunhill. They are exceptionally high quality for the price range! Agar Wood is a cheaper, better Ombre Leather, as far as I’m concerned. Not necessarily better in terms of quality but leans a bit more masculine, less raspberryish.
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