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  • The Annual Sue Moore Auction is now running from 19 - 21 October. Every year proceeds from this auction and all monies raised go directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Please take a look at the items that are available this year, as there is sure to be something of interest to everyone!

Fragrance / Scent of the day.

If you enjoy Fahrenheit by Dior & Encre Noire Sport from Lalique, this is right up your alley. Short burst of citrus & lavender up top that is followed by Violet Leaf, florals and a nutmeg undertone. The drydown though is amazing with a dry but, fully composed leather, patchouli and vetiver. I don’t get much of the leather but, rather a smooth, clean musk like vibe from the vetiver/patchouli combo. Not a projection monster yet it stays on the skin with a subtle like tenacity.

Pascal Morabito Grey Quartz. Superb underrated gem. One of the best finds of the year for me.

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