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Fragrance / Scent of the day.


George Bailey Fanboy
Today was Pino Sylvesteri. If I spelled that right. Fast becoming a cool weather favorite, that I think would be very wearable in warm weather truly.
Tuesday, it was Burberry London; yesterday, it was Vera Wang Men. This morning, Thursday, it will be Bigelow Elixir Blue. (I think.)
What's your take? I've got Pascal Morabito "Or Black", but haven't heard of this one.
Black Agent is more of an Oriental fragrance. Think along the lines of MIB by Bvlgari with a tinge more of a dry Green Vetiver & subtle Rose accord that is present for most of the drydown but, not a strong projector. Or Black is more of a Leather/Chypre (vintage bottle) that relives the late 70's & early 80's with their abundance of musk, castorium and almost tree bark like nuances. The newer version of Or Black is exceptional as well but, slightly goes a different path feeling almost like an Aromatic Fougere. Both are fantastic scents. Black Agent just has that dark oriental vibe and is more contemporary.
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