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Thinning out my scent collection and selling what I don’t seem to use often. Mostly 70’s to 90’s stuff. Great opportunity to try some classic blind buys without spending big bucks.

All bottles are used. The Le Male is scuffed up and minor scuffs on other bottles. Many are testers and you get what you see as I don’t have any of the boxes. They are all 95%+ unless noted by prices. Most of them have only been used a couple times.

Shipping will be $5 each. Conus only and Paypal please.

If you buy 5-7 bottles total shipping is on me. If you buy 8 bottles or more I’ll pay shipping and you can take another 10% off the price.

I’ll probably be able to send out packages Friday or Saturday with my work schedule.

Prices below the better than the best prices I could find for faster sale. Let me know if you can find them cheaper.

1-Caron Yatagan $25

2-Gaultier Le male 50% ish remains $15

3-Bijan for men $15

4-L'Instant De Guerlain $30

5-Alfred Sung Homme $5

6-Lomani PH $5

7-Oscar de la renta Pour Lui 2 bottles $12/each

8-Agua brava 50%+ $5

9-Monsieur de Givenchy 80%+ $20

10-Giorgio Beverly Hills $10

11-Versace l'homme $10

12-Tuscany per uomo 1oz vintage $30

13-Kenzo leau par $25

14-Lagerfeld mens cologne 5oz $15

15-Krizia Uomo $15

16-curve for men 50%+ $5

17-Hugo $20

18-Worth pour homme haute concentration $10

Individual pics of the bottles and bottoms will follow. Some pics turned out better than others of the bottoms.

Please pm me if you want to buy any or have any questions. Happy Easter.
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657975B6-174C-4EDF-9654-228D262B2C39.jpeg 4917F9DB-C8A7-4EDB-B0B3-6C8819D7371C.jpeg CD53C856-229C-4BB1-AE31-0591126522E7.jpeg 3C17ADB3-E2F6-4310-AEFC-AC82502206F2.jpeg CD509FEC-BA5A-4565-8F06-3D06747188AB.jpeg C93A2685-E7E1-4AE3-80D0-6534957EECEF.jpeg 3FC8EBD5-4C3F-47A1-B5AC-D68391971976.jpeg 25B81751-E92B-4EE0-A705-7C07821BE186.jpeg 8014F167-E2E5-4CB0-9ADB-0A5D31D584F3.jpeg Here are the individual pics.


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Hugo. That brings some memories. Are their any soaps / AS based on it that anyone knows of?
Ha I thought you were talking to me. I forgot I listed a bottle of Hugo! Yes Hugo was my date night cologne long ago. Bergamot and citrus if I remember correctly. I’m sure there is a soap to pair with Hugo. Somewhere..
Ok, let’s move some of these. Extra 10% off if you buy 5 and free shipping. 20% if you buy 8 of them and free shipping.
I’ll be out of town until May 4. If anyone happens to scroll down far enough to see this.......
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