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What is happening to Nordstrom?

I stopped in to check out their big sale this evening. I am always looking for good deals on work clothes, colognes and now shaving gear.

Nothing but some ugly sports coats. So I wonder over to the fragrance dept. where I'm met by Cruella de Ville. I was eyeing the Hermes stuff when she launchs into some sales pitch on Jack Black. Her first question was " You hate to shave don't you?" I told her no that I actually enjoy shaving. This lady would not take no for an answer she was hell bent. She proceeded to squirt some into her and rub it around. I said look it doesn't even lather, thanks but I'm not interested. She told me that I knew nothing about shaving and that I really needed this JB product. I was ready to make a quick getaway.

While kindly listening to this nutty lady go on and on about what a magical potion JB was, the store had closed the main entrances. I was informed that I was going to have to exit throught a side entrance which would place me in the opposite direction of where my car was parked. Damn!
Ugh, department store SAs drive me nuts! Even when you actually want some help, most of them push whatever product they've been instructed (or potentially paid) to advertise. At least when I was in France I could use the language barrier as an excuse to get them to leave me alone :tongue:
Nordstrom is constantly heralded for their "excellent customer service," but it seems more like harrassment. About two weeks ago, I heard they carried Truefitt & Hill products, so I popped in to sample the colognes. I took a circuitous path, avoiding the saleswomen like they were landmines, then took a peek at their selection.

Within a minute, I was caught in their snare. After asking if they could "help me," I was informed that their location didn't carry T&H, they didn't know who did and, oh, by the way, I didn't want that other great stuff I had just sampled, but rather a different cologne, but -- oh no -- they were out of stock, could they have my phone number so they could special order the item and call me as soon as it was in?

Holy crap, I felt like I was in a car-lot or bordello or something! I had to check for my wallet and wipe the lipstick off my collar on the way out. Just let me shop and I'll ask you if I have any questions, m'kay?

(/my rant) :mad3: :001_rolle
roughrider said:
I would just tell them straight. "No thank you. Now please go away."

That's great! Is that in a stern authoritative voice or in a snooty Niles Standish pip pip cheerio type.

I wasn't meaning to bash on Nordstrom. Although I was a bit hot with them yesterday. Maybe the red frownie face was a bit harsh?
As a general rule I dislike aggressive sales people, but i do try to be polite with them while letting them know that I do not wish to have them near me (trying to pressure me to make a purchase)... my newest "go away" line is as follows: "I'm just browsing right now, but if there is a time when you can earn a commission, or if I have a question, I'll be certain to come let you know." So far this line has worked fairly well (though it appears to confuse the younger sales people - perhaps it is too polite for them, or simply too many words for them to follow the whole way through).
If they're coming on too strong I like to turn the tides and hit right back in over the top fashion.

Picture Joey from Friends: How YOU doing?

Be warned though, this is how I met my first wife 10 years ago.... :confused:
I have a different mindset when shopping and dealing with salespeople. My wife often becomes annoyed with me, but she really thinks it's funny; while we're there, though, she acts all disgusted and like she could kill me.........this further sells the deal that I'm not quite all there.

But I will just go on and on in an over-the-top manner about what they're saying. To everything.......about how I love it and such. The basis of the plan is to make odd noises, sometimes almost imperceptable, like little grunts or hums and such. I also enjoy doing a quick squat, then right back up...........this occurs just after they may have handed me a product and I've sniffed it or rubbed it on. The best part is I never really say a whole lot directly to them, it's all as if I'm looking at someone else. Then I never buy anything.........that tops it all off nicely.

If I am feeling froggy, I'll act normal, THEN start messing with them. If I don't want them bothering me, I just make the noises, twitches and odd movements and they leave me alone altogether.

Acting this way has always seemed very natural to me
Nordstroms is very hit and miss. Once I bought two pair or Ecco shoes. They were very uncomfortable but the pushy sales man made a fool of me and I bought them. After a short while, I was back in the store and complained, and the head of shoe department acknowledged that those shoes should not have been recommended to me and took them back even though I had worn them!

Once went in to look at suits. I wanted olive or tan. The man insisted I try on a Navy for size and then told me that I should but the navy suit. I told him I had a navy suit and he insisted (without every having seen it) that it must be out of date in style and that I should buy his suit. I then asked him about olive and tan--he didn't have them and I haven't shopped Nordstrom's since.

As for the lady who told you that you didn't know about shaving, the only thing to do is smile confidently, chuckle under your breath (just enough for her to notice) and walked away with the lilt in your step and the knowledge that your credit card remains nice and secure in your pocket.

I have a lady at Nordstrom's that I always deal with. She calls me "it's the shave guy". I met her about a year ago, and I buy a bottle of cologne about every 3-4 months from her. Anytime I ask for samples, anytime, she gives them to me. I was fortunate to find a lady who has been there for a while and doesn't plan on leaving. And she knows if I don't buy today, I may be back next week. It's all in the set up!

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