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Fragrance free moisturiser for face.

Evening all,

I am sure many of you here can appreciate the dilemma when wanting to wear a nice fragrance after a shave and having a moisturiser interfere with the profile of the fragrance itself.

As much as I love shaving, I love fragrance and collect it. If I don't moisturise I get dry skin so I really am in a bind as the only moisturiser I've found so far that actually absorbs is a women's one which I reluctantly use for my nose and forehead(which would otherwise get quite dry), but forego moisturising properly after a shave.

Open to suggestions! Thanks!


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I use Emu Oil Lotion, very light smell if any and does not interfere with a spray cologne's smell.
Jojoba oil is supposed to be one oil closest to our natural skin oil, and as such, very readily absorbed and nourishing to our skin. I like both it and coconut oil. Jojoba preferred, really.

Jojoba Oil — Skin & Hair Healer and Moisturizer - Dr. Axe
From the above:
3. Prevents Razor Burn
You don’t have to use shaving cream anymore; instead, jojoba oil’s waxy texture eliminates the threat of shaving incidents like cuts and razor burn. Plus, unlike some shaving creams that contain chemicals that clog your pores, jojoba oil is 100 percent natural and promotes healthy skin. Try applying jojoba oil before you shave so it creates a smooth surface for shaving, and then apply it after you shave to moisturize your skin and heal cutsquickly.
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White Tea Miracle Drops from Teaology. A few drops absorb easily and don’t feel greasy in summer. I use it after shaving and spritzing on some witch hazel. I usually put a sunscreen over top in summer or an aftershave balm in fall/winter. Sometimes use it at night after washing my face. There is a lot of hype about such products, but I have found my face really likes this one, and it does what they say.
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