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INFO! Fragrance Decants, the BST and you.

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Gentlemen, after thorough investigation and thoughtfull consideration, the Moderators have decided that henceforth the sale of "decants" of colognes, perfumes, Aftershaves and eaux de toilettes shall be restricted to Vendors and Hobbyists. Those who do not hold a valid Vendor or Hobbyist membership can still sell colognes etc. in their original from-the-manufacturer bottles, but not decants.

This does not affect "Group Buy" splits of cologne etc. pre-approved of by the Mod team; those are still fine under the existing rules. Members are also free to "keep some in a decant and sell the the rest in the original bottle" if they find a whole bottle of their seventh-favourite cologne is too much for their needs.

We have always intended the BST to be a place where our active and participating members in good standing can sell off the occasional item that they no longer use or are not keen on, and where other members in good standing can pick up a good deal on quality shaving gear etc. It's not for those who would make a habit, a hobby or a business of selling ... for those chaps, we have a Vendor/Hobbyist program. While we understand that some of our "fragrance-oriented" members enjoy funding their hobby of fragrance collecting through selling decants of their collection, we feel that this activity should take place at B&B only within the parameters of the Hobbyist/Vendor program.

Thus, a very simple rule that is easy to understand, easy to follow, and (hopefully we won't have to) easy to enforce.

Thank you for your understanding, gentlemen.
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