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Frag splits?

Anybody have experience with these? It looks like a few of these have been done on this forum in the past with some interesting frangrances. Is this a good way to get into some nice fragrances or is this a foolish idea, especially for blind buys?
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I've not tried any. Frankly, I'd probably rather just buy small sample sizes of things that I'm likely to enjoy or go visit a local shop that has a selection if one exists. I can't see spending the money on a split unless it was a fragrance I already knew I liked, but was something that I wouldn't buy as a full bottle due to price or not being in the mood to wear it that often. (10ml of Clive Christian's C for Men, 5ml of Green Irish Tweed, or 5ml of De Profundis would probably be a lifetime supply.)

On the other hand, if a split was the only way I could get my hands on something rare or vintage at a price I could afford, then I would jump on it. (Original formula Fahrenheit & Eau Sauvage or Gucci Nobile (only one formula) fall in this category for me.)
There are sites (ie Luckyscent) where you can get niche samples if you want to try without committing to a 10-30ML split. If you are looking to try/blind buy I would go that route first. Certainly blind buying a split is better than blind buying a full bottle at retail but splits are more for people that have established that they like the fragrance. Its a more cost effective way to acquire fragrances for those with a larger wardrobe. A 30ML decant goes a long way for someone that has 50-100+ fragrances in their wardrobe.
I would make sure that you are getting it from a company that is reputable or from someone that you trust. Do your research so that you actually get what you are paying for.

As far as blind buys go... if you're trying a cologne that is new to you how would you know if you got a fake or the real thing? It would be too easy to get a knock off or clone fragrance or even a watered down version or the actual cologne, which I believe is why it isn't done here anymore.

That being said splits are a great way to save some money on a high cost fragrance provided you do your research first to make sure you purchase it from someone that is reputable.
Several years ago, I picked up some great fragrance splits here, including Creed Windsor, Feuille Verte and Cuir de Russie. I'm not sure why they quit being done, although I suspect the work involved was most of the reason.
I was never involved with a split, here or anywhere, but do remember that there used to be a rule on B&B that splits were only allowed with the expressed permission of the moderators. Best check with them.
Group buys need to be run past the team before going ahead with the plans.The goal is to help insure that all the costs and issues that an activity like this presents is walked through thoroughly and at the end- it makes sense.

Also- please don't point off B&B to other sites- badgers are very cranky and it upsets them.
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