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Frag Acquisitions

First time shopping at Ross (decent selection & good prices), first bottle of Nautica. Nice summer, casual scent.

Haul 20 7 15.jpg

First bottle of Aspen, ordered online. Picked up a vintage bottle of the AS last week in the wild and wanted this to pair it with.
Haul 20 7 14.jpg
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Loves a smelly brush
Just received a bottle of Montale Black Aoud. I got it because it seemed like a good pairing with AoS Oud Cream and it definitely has a nice scent to it.

So glad I found a new bottle of Supreme Oud on discount. I'm not seeing many at all under $100 these days.
Shock was a Marshall's find and Azzaro PH Intense was pretty much a freebie from eBay (I had a $20 off coupon)

Nice Fall Haul..
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