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    Sale time at Bath and Bodyworks.. (I know the Cypress line is already discontinued (75% off).. not sure if CO Bigelow is being removed from the stores, but the Bigelow is all 50% off, including the shaving cream)

  1. Avon Black Suede boot to go along with the Wild Country boot from last year..

  2. Picked up a bottle of Chanel Pour Monsieur EdP. This juice is magnificent!
  3. Found this travel set still in the cellophane...
  4. These two joined their little brother.
  5. This is a winner, y'all. Fairly unique, unlike other plain Jane English Laundry scents. Tobacco lovers will definitely appreciate this one. Whole gift set was $20 at Marshall's.

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  6. Just snagged this... I have high hopes! :)
  7. I go for the weird ones.. Tom Ford Noir EDP. Violet, Rose, Vanilla, Moss, Amber, Civet and all kinds of other spices and florals..

    image1 (4).jpeg
  8. Went a little bonkers this week (in a frugal way... mostly). Found a huge stash of Avon A/S.
    Tai Winds...

    And a bottle of Chanel Antaeus out of sheer curiosity's sake...
  9. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    Pierre Cardin pour monsieur and Yacht Man Chocolate...

  10. Geo F. Trumper Eucris Eau de Toilette.
  11. Still on a Chanel Pour Monsieur bender! :D Early 90's EdT concentree (Much like the EdP but with more oakmoss! Heaven I tell you!!!), a bottle of Aftershave Lotion, and a stick deodorant...
  12. Off work for a few days with strep. Idle hands and all that! :D
  13. Blind buy of Baccarat Rouge 540.
    Curiosity got the best of me.
  14. Overpaid for Dorall Collection's Thunder $29.99 @ a boutique in mall. Can get it for half the price on the internet, but worth the cost to not buy blind, and to keep them in business. It's notes are leather, wood, tobacco, basil and oakmoss according to it's website. I find it interesting that as ingredients is has Evernia prunastri(oakmoss) extract and Evernia Furfuracea(treemoss) extract. Very low concentrations though.

    Just found out it is a Texas based company. :a50:Supporting local and didn't know it.
    Made in India on the bottle. Designer of Polo I found out later. Wasn't sold to me that way. Just sampled like 7 different things 'til I tries something I liked.
  15. CartierDeclaration500.jpg GuerlainHabitRouge2017500.jpg

    Picked up testers of these two for about $30 each. The Guerlain is a 2017 release. Same scent throughout its multi-year release with a different bottle design for each year.
  16. Somnos

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    348F2635-3517-40E0-860B-1FB5E7C295B7.jpeg D18017CC-09EE-426A-8D15-97DEEEC7C195.jpeg So I normally drop by infrequently to this particular part of B&B and with the exception of Christmas past, when my Sister-in-Law went a Guerlain present run for me which netted Derby, L’eau Boisee and Santal Royal I normally don’t have much to crow about. I have several really nice scents on the go and I normally don’t stray too far from them. Well Mrs Somnos went on a bit of a frag bender this afternoon and dropped these in my lap...apparently she knows me quite well! What an awesome afternoon indeed...
  17. I'm on a Habit Rouge flanker acquisition

  18. Had a 1999 vintage bottle of Chanel Antaeus land today. What a difference pre-IFRA allergen regs make! This stuff is heavenly!!!
  19. Well done! This is good stuff.
    For me, it's an at-home-only kind of fragrance. It can be quite polarizing.

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