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Frag Acquisitions

This wasn't on my wish list but it was the first time I saw it at TJMarshall'sCoatFactory. Apparently Mugler Pure Coffee has set me on a gourmand kick.

Picked up some Jimmy Choo Man, Versace Pour Homme, and Bleu de Chanel yesterday. All mainstream designers, but the price was right and they smell awesome!

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Picked up a backup of this before the prices get crazy high, if they're not already.
I'll also be able to see if there's any differences between the original tin cylinder
version and this one, the most recent version.

Picked up a full bottle of A*Men Pure Malt and decants of Guerlain Heritage EdT and Guerlain Habit Rouge EdP (the 1965 version). Gonna be a fun week! :)
Moar goodies!!!
Guerlain Habit Rouge EdT
Guerlain Heritage Edt
Houbigant Fougere Royale EdP (Sooooooo GOOD!)
and a couple of glass bottles of Florida Water...