Fox Schmitz Razor

Just picked up a Fox Schmitz razor in excellent condition for less than half of what I saw another one go for a couple months ago. Comes with one blade in decent shape.

Anyone have one of these and know how they shave?
Congratulations!!! I saw "watched" this one, and I agree that the price was far less than what they usually go for. I hope when you figure it out -- sorry, I can't help in that regard -- I hope you'll share with the rest of us.
Thank you! Been hunting for one of these for a while and this one looks great, love the patina.

There's one forum that talks about the details of the razor as well as the adjustability of the blade but that's it. I don't think this takes standard wedge blades from other lather catchers/SE's, it appears to be longer in length.

Will definitely update/share when I get it and hone the blade.