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    I recently found a fantastic find on etsy for 4 restored razors ($27 USD + SHIPPING) that I bought to test out some of the oldies. According to the post:
    - prewar fat handle tech
    -Speedway open comb
    -Ball end old type
    -1953 Y1 40s Style Super Speed

    Well the Speedway didn't survive after the wife "accidentally" dropped it while gazing it's glory. So that is useless unless I can fish the screw out. Which is disappointing because it was in the best condition and weight.

    The old type has a crack in the handle which also meant it had a loose grip on the stem piece which I read is pretty common. Kept feeling like I was going to cut my hand or face but got a feel none the less. Would love to try it if it was restored, but I might as well buy a new one compared to costs.

    The Fat handle was the best. Managed to get my problem areas relatively easily. The brass plating also appeals to me because I prefer seeing the blade to razor contrast. Wide handle makes me happy. Also very sturdy.

    The Super Speed will get a turn tomorrow, only had enough face and time for two. Plus I really wanted to try out the 3 pieces first.

    Do you fine people think that I was too unfair to the old type? Do you think I chose well?
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    If it's just the thin, hairline crack that 90% of them have I would just leave as is. If it's big enough that the pressed ball end or threaded top post easily fall out then yes, repair is in order. Low temp solder works great and doesn't change the weight and balance of the razor. Good luck.
  2. Not sure what constitutes a hairline in the razor world. Seems pretty in between.

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  3. Thank you! Well I certainly thought about patching it myself. I just need to make a trip to the hardware store. It's on the back burner until I can judge the amount of effort it would take and whether or not the crack is too large. I attached a picture of it in my response to Highspeedlane.
  4. KQY61

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    Put the Fat Tech handle on the OT in the meantime.

  5. Highspeedlane

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    Yea that's a big one and will need surgery. The more common small hairline cracks look more like this:

  6. It's a biggun alright........
  7. Beat me to it! That's what I'd do, and if you like the shaves you get from the best double edge razor ever made, (the OLD type) you can always get another handle. :thumbup1:

    A pre-war Tech and an OLD type are all anyone ever needs, except for a GEM/Ever-Ready/Star 1912. :thumbsup:
  8. OK, I'll bite, what kind of tube is that with that groove around it, ain't no OLD! :nonod:
  9. Highspeedlane

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    It's from my Vites OT clone.



  10. Cool! :thumbsup:

  11. I'd call that a fissure instead of a crack. If you secure the ends, it will shave fine.
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  13. Cal

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    Never mind the "meantime." (For me) it's an "all time" solution, I love it! :001_wub:
  14. Thanks for the link. Should be easy enough. Just need some good ol epoxy.

    With the brass handle and a chrome head, it's certainly quite a sight!

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