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Fountain pen shopping in Arizona?

I see one retail store in Scottsdale specializing in this; I like the idea of test-driving the pens. I would like to please hear any recommendations of places where I can do this, preferably in the East Valley. I do get to Tucson often; a good retailer there could be worth a side trip. Please share your opinions or experiences -- thanks!


Cheaper than ink
I always feel a little sad for these posts that never got any replies...


Probably no one answered because there weren't many stores back then.

Now, of course, we have Pendemonium, they've moved from their old digs in Ft. Madison (home of Sheaffer pens), to Kingman, Arizona.
Great folks, Sam and Frank. I encourage members to shop with them, they run one of the best stores in the business.
Not really. :sad:

I see that now. It looks like two of the places that were listed are now defunct, one of them is an exclusive store for a well-known prestigious German brand, and the other is more of a crafts store than anything with a very limited selection.
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