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Found that elusive aftershave from my childhood.

As i kid, my dad let me pretend to shave with a razor and shaving cream.. (he put the plastic guard over the razor)... Looking back, that seems kinda dangerous... Anyways, I always the aftershave on... I could never find it, i tried, Pinaud, Old Spice, Afta shave, Aquavelva and some others, which I love them all and keep them in my cabinet... I always kinda thought it was English Leather, but my parents said no... Every time I went to store, i'd look for it... Found it at Walmart yesterday... I had to buy it and sure enough thats it.. Then I showed my parents and they remembered it too.

Of course I had to get some barbosol to go with it... Only this time I used a brush to apply it, and my razor had no cover..
Funny I should read this right after I was just posting in an English Leather thread that I still haven't found any locally after the dry spell, and I have been looking for it. I am hoping some of the classic gift sets are available around the holidays.

Glad you found some and get to relive some of those memories!
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