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Found out I cannot have a beard.


After 5 months of growing my beard I found out I cannot have a beard no matter what I did it never stopped itching and finally I gave up. I tried so many different balms oils butters not using anything washes conditioners not washing often washing every day with a wash that is safe for daily use. Nothing worked. Always had itch and bearddruf that was I would say more of scab thickness. I used beard trimmers to remove the hair then shaved. Left the goatee cause I hate being clean shaven. Here is two pics of how bad my face was. You can actually see where the beard was. I now understand why it was always itching and painful.

Message_1554775428896.jpg Message_1554775446132.jpg
Beards are gross.
They are like nests for infections and dirt.
Not to mention that it so difficult to eat if you have one.

Now go and see a dermatologist because it looks like you urgently need one.


Munted Old Cog
Ouch, that does not look comfortable.
It's possible that you could have had a reaction with something in the product you used.


I even went with no product at all. It is already getting better after puting some eczema cream on it.
when it comes to skin problems, Ive found even doctors
dont have a firm handle on things.

It could be so many things that make your skin so agitated.
I would list the following possible reasons:

1. Too much pressure while shaving
2. Generally poor technique
3. Shaving too frequently
4. Some sort of allergic reaction to an ingredient (alcohol, lanolin...who knows)
5. Lather quality...not slick or protective enough. its worth it to pay a bit more for a soap that makes shaving safer.
6. Diet.

I hope you can have it looked at and sorted out...IMO your skin is not ready
to accept another shave till it calms/settles down.


Oh yeah I will not be shaving for a bit. And the irritation wasn't from shaving. It was like that under the beard while I had it.
I grew a beard between Labor Day and Memorial Day throughout most of the 1980's. I couldn't take a beard in warm weather and would shave for summer. The reason I stopped even a winter growth, was because my youngest daughter would freak out and cry uncontrollably every time I shaved it. It was so weird and unsettling to my wife and I, that I stopped my winter growth.
That looks like some type of allergic reaction!!!
You can see distinct line where beard was
Was skin this irritated prior to shaving?
How were you shaving / cleaning up lines prior to beard removal?
If you part the goatee or mustache is area also red?

+1 on seeking professional medical advice!!!!
Sorry you had such a rough go of things; that does not look pleasant. Does the skin underneath your mustache and goatee not get irritated? If not, it makes me think there is another underlying cause that you could possibly still remedy, as it seems odd that only specific sites would be so sensitive while others are okay.