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Found my Sheaffer!

Hi all

I only have one "special" pen. My Sheaffer Targa Matte Black 2nd Edition. Its been lost in the 5-6 moves I've gone through in the past 10 years. And now, I found it!

I got this pen about 12 years ago from my dad when we were living in Thailand. I believe he had gotten it as a business gift. I still have the old case and all the parts are intact including the cartridge.

Now I just gotta find some ink and I'm off and writing with my sheaffer.

Just thought I'd share, not everyday you find a fountain pen in your stuff.


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Great that you found your pen again...happy writing :thumbup:

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Sheaffers White Dot...notice the white dot on the clip.

I've got one just like it and I also have a few others from this fine pen family.

Gold nib should be on this pen....with a gold nib...I do not allow anyone else to use....a gold nib eventually wears to the particular pressure used by....what should be...it's one user....in your case...two , which is fine. BTW, I used to carry an extra pen, a ballpoint...so in case someone asked if they could borrow my pen...I would have a ballpoint for them to use....not the Fountain pen.

The Sheaffers White Dot fountain pen is not just a beautiful pen, but a reliable working tool that should last your lifetime.

In the past, many years ago...I dropped one on the floor. I was horrified as I damaged the nib. But I sent it back to Sheaffers and they repaired it and sent it back.

I'm not sure if they still maintain this service.

For ink I either used a bottle of Quink or Sheaffers cartridges.
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Thanks for the replies.

Actually I am the only user of this pen as my dad just handed it down to me when he got it.

Yes it has a 14kt gold nib. So I just gotta use it more to get it customized :thumbsup:

Thanks again for the replies
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