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Found my old Parker Vector

I found this pen yesterday. I think this pen is around 30 years old. Of course it still had the cartridge attached - there's no sense cleaning a pen before you lose it in the bottom of a drawer.

I rinsed it out using a converter. After about 25 cycles with the converter I put a red cartridge on and went nowhere fast. OK, that was probably a little optimistic. I used soap the next time and got the pen writing. It was a little dry, but the red color was coming through and everything seemed fine for this replacement for my $2 gel pens on my desk (for quick notes).

Today I write a few quick notes and note two things: the ink is flowing nicely and it is back to blue.

I assume the red ink rejuvenated the very old ink and I will soon be back to red.
cool find, always nice to have an extra pen laying around. Sounds like there was some old dried up ink in there, after the red cart you mar want to try another soak and flush just to make sure, but good to knot its working now
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