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Found my first straight in the wild

Went to an antique fair today
Only found one straight and a DE
People have a bunch of good quality blades for sale but at 30$ a piece I passed
This is what I found for quite a good deal just needs a little cleaning but relatively in really good shape


Time to polish and wait for my strop and lapping film from Rickboone

The rust is red so its active, do you think I can polish it off or very hit grit sand paper?
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Just a bit of dirt, the blade is straight and barely looks used :)
Just gotta figure out how to get this red rust off
Flitz or Mass polish and woolpad #0000 should clean it up nicely IMO..at least the silver will clean up nicely..that gold etching ..im not too sure about
Got the blade cleaned up nicely polished a lot of the rust off still visable but barely don't want to polish it to much.
Thanks for all your help!


Wiped out at 25
Very nice score on the Boker. Mine is a very nice shaver, but too hollow for my tastes as I lean towards wedges and Kamisori.
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