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Found my favorite piece of meat

Not sure if you have Costco close to you, but they do actually sell packs of rib caps. Basically rolled up like a pinwheel... incredible flavor, very rich of course.
I hadn’t ever seen these at Costco before(never knew they existed), but today they had a couple of packages of them, Prime grade even. I couldn’t resist, just took them off the smoker and vac sealed ready for a 2 hr soak in the hot tub before a quick sear. Mouth watering at the thought.


Some enterprising chef
Is going to cook ribeye and serve exclusively 4-6-8 10 oz of the cap on the menu for ridiculous price, and take the center cut and make skewered beef with it.... :yikes:
I don't remember ever getting a notification of a tag for this threat... :(

But no. If I want to run a ribeye cap I just call a purveryor and they show up. What they do with the rest of the ribeye is up to them. :)

But I have been writing a few menus with ribeyes on them the past few weeks. Or has it been months? I swear it was just mother's day brunch...