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Found in the Wild, Yesterday

Gentlemen: I found the following Gillette Super Speed razor for $2 (USD) at a garage sale in Celina, Texas--near where I was working on Habitat For Humanity project. The razor was in nearly mint condition. It only needed a 10-minute cleaning to get it looking like it now is.

I am trying to determine the razor's exact year. There is no date on the bottom of it. It resembles images of either 1948 or 1949 razor I Googled. Any comments would be sincerely appreciated.


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Nice score.

How close would you say it looks to this?

Nice Score Congrats! :thumbup:

I think you have it dated about as close as you'll get. There s a notch in the alignment bar so not a 47. Could be as new as early 50.
Can you photograph the head rivet (flat or rolled) and wording in the rivet recess (PAT NOS ON PACKAGE or PAT NOS on PKG)? That will help determine the age. It is definitely not a 1947 Super Speed though, as it has a notched center safety bar for making loading Blue Blades from a Gillette Speed Pak dispenser easier and safer. Nice catch! Thanks and God Bless! Tony Brown RN mgbbrown
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Looks identical to mine. I was told by the resident experts here that I had a '48-'50 NDC SS.

It is a fantastic shaver. In fact I just finished shaving with mine. Very nice snag. Congrats.
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