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Fougere Scents

Yes, it is a DLC SS Hawk. Very good AC razor.

I am not the one to ask about scents. I don't experience either of these soaps as excessively scent forward or overly scented or anything like that. Both seem pretty much just nicely scented to me, but please don't trust me on anything scent related other than do I like it or do I not like it.

I don't like scents which are so subtle as to be barely there. These are more there than that for me, but neither overwhelm me at all. Rather they sneak up on me just a bit. That is not me saying my nose is good. I don't seem to have the ability to describe scents in any way much beyond something like, "Well, it smells like grapefruit to me."

Happy shaves,

I have been interested in hearing how the Hawk compares to a DE, as I do have a pack of Proguards....

My take on the MdC Agrumes is a pleasant but certainly not overpowering scent, that is about as good as my nose is. Oh, "To me it smells citrusy".
I don't want to be knocked over by the scent when I shave, but I do enjoy how some soaps sort of sneak up on you as you are building lather. And then there is always the wife to please.........

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I was in fact thinking of Brut! It has been decades since I last used it. Do you know of any other fougere that would be of that nature?
Grooming Dept is releasing a Brut-inspired soap in their Fortis base called Boomer on Dec. 4th. Here are the scent notes:

Scent Notes: Anise, basil, bergamot, lavender and lemon, geranium, jasmine, ylang-ylang, oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla and vetiver.
Murphy and McNeil Green Man and Cold River Soap Works Autumn Fougere are two of the best fougere scents that my nose has ever inhaled! The performance of both of these is also stellar.
The two best fougere scent I have are SV Felce Aromatica (in the green tin) and CBL premium soap SIR fougere. The SV Felce is a green fern like fougere and the CBL is like a cross between the irisch moos and Penhaligons English fern. Both are very well scented and both are great soaps.
On the less expensive side I also have some Razorock Black Label on the way, and my nose is wondering if there is another Fougere that might come out of the woods to wake it up.
i'm not very experienced with fragrances or what a fougere is supposed to smell like, but i know that i like the Black Label alot !!! Very nice powdery barbershoppy type smell. Did you get the whole set of 4 pucks? Let us know what you think of the Black label when you get it.
Here is the rundown, so far the top 3 Fougere's are tied at 6 votes, with all the rest having 2 votes each!

MdC Fougere-6

Saponificio Varesino Felce-6

Wholly Kaw Fougere Parfaite
Brut's spittin‘ image -6

I'm still waiting on my Razorock Black Label soap and aftershave combo. IB has been busy with their moving sale............

I didn't get the 4 puck set, as I just wanted to check out the Fougere, and I also ordered some Amici soap, as I already have the aftershave and I like it too.....
I'm not too experienced with fougeres, but Felce smells GREAT! I have a sample of MdC and do not like it too much (my preference would be Rose or Agrumes).
For me MdC is the gold standard.
I also have Wholly Kaw Fougere Parfaite which is great, especially post shave feel.
I'm currently using Murphy and Mcneil Green Man. So, so scent, great post shave feel.
I also have Saponificio Varesino Felce, which I'm yet to use. If it is anything like the other two SV's soaps that I have used, I'm sure that it will be great!


I’m not a fan
My two Fougere's are MdC Fougere and SV Felce. Both are excellent in performance and scent. Felce is a bright fresh fougere and MdC is a more earthy and fresh fougere. I very much enjoy both scents but for me, MdC is the fougere "gold standard".
SV Felice is my favorite Fougere scent so far - I have both the soap and the A/S which comes in the very weird packaging - I like the scent so much that I even bought the A/S for my dad for his birthday), but I have not yet had the opportunity to try MdC Fougere. I was at Pasteur Pharmacy last week and the lady who works there helped me look through all the boxes of MdC soap that were on the shelf, but ... no Fougere.

I also, ordered up the house brand Duck Fat Fougere Soap and Fougere A/S Skin food from West Coast Shaving last week, and it arrived with a few other goodies over the weekend. It was a blind buy, but I hit the jackpot with this one - really nice slightly spicy herbal Fougere (not powdery at all) and the soap lathers really well. Definitely a winner. I also bought the jade colored Yaqi brush from WCS (goes well with the green fougere soap and A/S), and for the money, the handle both looks and feels great in my hand, and the brush feels great on my face!