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Fortunate US Aristocrat find-Any info?

As luck would have it, I just found a US made Aristocrat in my collection. How did this happen? Well, for the past year I have been almost exclusively into SE shaving and collecting them, (mainly Streamlines & Jewels.) I had previous to that been on an AD binge of collecting Gillettes. Evidently, I had acquired a US made Aristocrat in that time and had stored it away with a lot of my collection. Just recently, I got very interested in the OC variety of Aristocrats, namely the British made examples. I have one on the way from England and I can't wait to get my hands on it. This morning, I went into my collection area, just poking about and came upon this nice little razor. It hasn't even been cleaned yet, so it must have come at a time that I received a number of razors and was forgotten in the mix. (I usually clean my razors as soon as I get them.)
Anyways, here she is. I would like to know anything there is to know about her. (How old it would be, etc.) I am assuming as it is an Aristocrat, it is gold plated. Here are some pics I just snapped with my phone.


The TTO mechanism is a little sluggish, but I think it may be due to some scum build up. I will give her a soak in hot soapy water and a few squirts of Scrubbing Bubbles. I will see how that helps it out.
That's a 1946-'47 model, and yes, it would be gold plated. Looks like you're missing both your end caps there, but that's no problem for using it unless whatever knocked the end caps off also threw the head geometry out of square. If it's sluggish doors that you're referring to that could be a cause, but as long as things look good with a blade in I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Thanks. I will have to research the endcaps thing. I don't think there is anything physically wrong with it. The doors seat tightly, so I don't think there will be any problems using it. I will know more once it gets a good soaking and cleaning with a toothbrush.
That's a happy find! Just be careful with the gold finish, abrasive cleaners will damage it.

Enjoy it!

Thank you!
I am always very cautious with my cleaning. Usually 2-3 good soaks in hot soapy water and a spray or two of Scrubbing Bubbles is all I will do. I am not into polishing my razors. Thank you for the tip!
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