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Forte-BG grinder goes quiet

Came down stairs this morning, turned on the Bunn.... Yawned a few times then poked one of the BG grinders. Nothing. Poked it again. Still nothing. Wipe the sleep out of my eyes and notice that it is stuck in time mode and start does not start anything.

Ah Oh.....

Poked start on the other Forte-BG and shazzam... ground coffee.

This is why a man needs more than one grinder in their coffee den.

I was thinking... bummer now I have to spend $40 on a new control panel.

Emailed Baratza customer service and a new control panel is on the way even though the broken BG was 1) well out of the 1 year warranty and 2) it was a refurbished grinder.

These folks have really taken care of me over the decades, letting me "trade in" my old tired grinders for new units all the way to selling me grinders that are not generally sold to the general public (only sold through resellers).

That's why I tell people to go with these guys when they are thinking about a grinder.
Great to know. I was looking at grinders this past weekend. More window shopping than intending to purchase, but I will definitely take another look at the Baratza brand.

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They sent me another control panel a few weeks ago but there is still something off on this grinder as it will not tare to zero. Either hopper zeros out at 0.2 grams.

They are helpful but no one seems to know why it wont zero out.