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Fort Worth, TX

Are there any places in cowtown that has a selection DE razors and blades? I found the Salon Supply for clubman and arko, but I'm still learning Fort Worth.
it would be great to find others from Fort Worth on B&B. Maybe have a tab on forums for different cities etc
Hey fellow Fort Worther! I have yet to find a brick and mortar store around here that stocks more than the items you already mentioned.
I am here in Fort Worth and new to wet shaving and would love to find a place to go gawk for hours. I am introducing DE to some friends at Southwestern and maybe have the chance to just sit around as a group of men and share and learn
I have found a more extensive complete selection of the Clubman line at a couple of beauty supply stores in central Arlington. Kiwi Beauty supply (1101 E Arkansas Ln, Arlington, TX 76010 · (817) 303-9600) has most of the Clubman line, Lustray, and Masters (including the mug soap). American Beauty supply down the street has a few Clubman items that Kiwi doesn't, like Clubman VIBR. If you like to dabble with aftershave cocktails like Bootlegger's Bay Rum (see this thread and others), these shops are for you.

I have yet to find a good source for DE Razors or blades. My local mom & pop drugstore (Ray's Pharmacy in Kennedale) has some Wilkinson Sword DE blades, Gem (blue star?) SE blades, and Williams mug soap, but that's about it. Ray's has a bigger, newer 2-story store in Mansfield on Broad St., but I haven't been in there to look.
Hey Larogers. I'm from Fort Worth as well, although currently living in Lubbock. I'll be back there for good in a few months. I think the link posted above mentions this, but House of Blades has a decent supply of Col. Conk soaps and some razors and blades. It's off of loop 820 and Quebec St. That's the best I've found in the area.

I also see from your picture that you are a hunter. They have a TON of hunting knives there. They have this cool deal that if you buy a knife from there, they give you a card for lifetime sharpening. It's a pretty cool place, I'd check it out if I were you.
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