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Formulation of Fine's L'Orange Noir?

I have a new bottle of Fine's L'Orange Noir, after finishing off one that I bought a couple years ago. I really enjoyed the stuff, so when I came to the end of the previous bottle, I figured I'd best fill the hole in the rotation with a new one.

Upon using the new bottle for the first time (actually I used it again the next day to make sure my impressions were correct) it seemed "off" to me. There's something different between the old and new scents - a lot less sharp of a hit of orange/mandarin that characterized the old L'Orange Noir, and something of a coconutty smell that comes in as the citrus departs. Has anyone else noticed a difference in recent L'Orange Noir as compared to older vintages, or did I just get a weird bottle? (or have I gone nuts)?

Thankful for any shared recollections you might offer up.


Sorry I can’t comment on the Fine. But I will say I religiously shake my AS bottles before every use so that the contents stay mixed start to finish. Perhaps your original bottle started off the same as the second, but changed slowly over time and your nose became accustomed to a different scent profile? I have no idea, just something to think about!


Interesting! My bottle is from several years ago, so I cannot comment on current production. It is a very nice scent for me!
If I remember correctly, Fine has changed the menthol level in their splashes at least once throughout the years. I'm not sure if that would explain the difference you're experiencing, but it could have an impact on the overall scent profile.
Yeah, that could be - I wasn't aware of that change. I do wish I had checked the two out before I finished off the old bottle so I could compare side by side.